Crimped Wire Mesh Machine for Mining

This type of crimped wire mesh machine can automatically operate from weft wire crimping to wire mesh weaving with crimped warp wires. The roll size is 0.9-2.5m, wire diameter 0.4-2.0mm, mesh opening size of 1.5 × 1.5-15 × 15mm ², weaving shuttle speeds of up to 30-50 times per minute.

The product structure is compact and reasonable, good performance, easy operation and reliable property. Its biggest advantage is it can be used for a variety of screen production.

Model x Whole Machine Size (Length x Width x Height ) mm3 x Weaving Width (m)
MCM1.0: (1850×2700×1350) x 1500x1.0
MCM1.2: (1850×3000×1350) x 1550 x 1.2
MCM1.3: (1850×3150×1350) x 1600x 1.3
MCM1.5: (1850×3350×1580)x 1800 x1.5
MCM1.8: (1850×3700×1580)x 2020 x1.8
MCM2.5: (1950×4300×1650)x 2350 x2.5


Crimped Wire Mesh Machine for Mining        Crimped Wire Mesh Machine for Mining

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