Automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine

Automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine, Light Type
Automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine can be divided into a one-off wire mesh crimping machine, universal wire mesh crimping machine and whole machine crimping machine. One-time wire mesh crimping machine comes with a one-time set of embossing dies, the weft wire can be crimped and woven with the fixed warp wire. The universal crimping wire mesh machine can achieve crimping and weaving with one set of mold. It can produce crimped wire mesh with a variety of mesh openings with one machine by adjusting. With crimped warp wire, it can weave fully automatically.

The machine will automatically stop and alarm with weft wire or warp wire mistakes, CNC control, easy operation. Suitable for fully automatic weaving of metal wire with diameter under 2mm. With changing of molds, it can adjust crimped wire mesh of various mesh openings. Products can be barbecue crimped mesh, crimped mesh, skimmer netting, etc.

Crimped Wire Mesh Materials needed: Black wire, PVC wire, stainless steel wire, wire rod, wire and so on.

Uses: Used for Coal plant, mining, construction and other industries.

Automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine

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